Crown Rash Guards

I first began practicing jiu-jitsu in San Diego. Our gym asked students to shower and change before every class they attended to prevent any infections between training partners.
I was a college student on vacation at the time, and I fell in love with the sport, so I was training all day. This forced me to buy three rash guards just to keep up with how much I was using them, despite doing laundry every single day.
That was expensive...
And moreover, the rash guards I saw at our gym had dragons, zombies and other busy graphics on them. I preferred a more minimal look, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.
I made a post on a few jiu-jitsu forums asking people if they would be interested in an affordable, well-made rash guard with a simple design. It turns out that they were.
After a lot of positive feedback and a few design suggestions, I ended up with a mockup I called 'V1.0 Design':
Finalized prototype of the V1.0 long sleeve rash guard, but with black stitching.
I reached out to many potential manufacturers to create a prototype including the folks who make rash guards for some of the biggest brands in the space. I then narrowed it down to one factory that was able to create exactly what I wanted.
We started with the 'White Belt V1.0' rash guard and officially kicked off 'Crown'. We've since made modifications to the fit, added short-sleeved rash guards, white rash guards, and more to our product line.
The support so far has been incredible, and we are excited to continue to bring our customers incredible training gear that they can be proud to wear!