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My first day grappling

When I write a review it’s usually simple and short but I’ve got to get some details out of the way. Could not wait to wear these after reading the comments, the only problem was they didn’t recommend snug boxers underneath. I walked into my first jiu jitsu class wearing these bad boys and got gazes from everyone, even a few compliments while I was on top of someone’s face. Needless to say when it came time to roll I demolished my opponent and the only thing I could think of why I was so good even on my first day was because these shorts somehow unlocked a hidden potential I would have never acquired without. That little kid had no idea what just hit him, after I submitted him I just stood up and walked to my car without saying a word. With a grin on my face I peeled out the parking lot as I confidently knew these shorts would and have changed my life, thanks crown rash guards!


Soft high grade material definitely comfortable and breathable, my only con is with most rashys is the constant ride up. Some added silicone for the waist section would be perfect!

These are the ones

I have spent the last month and a half shopping for shorts to train in. The only problem is the fit, and having to ship things back as return. These shorts fit so perfect for me that I am kinda irritated I didn't buy them before. They are beyond comfortable, and I will grappling in them all the time. At least until I can buy another pair or two. I say thank you to Crown Rash Guards for providing me with one of the best Rash Guards I own. Now I have the best pair of shorts to go with it. HO. HO. HO. And a Happy New Year to y'all too.

[V2.0] Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Purple

Rashie review

Works just like the other three I have. Gave it a four star because the blue shade is lighter than advertised. Still recommend every time I wear them.

Comfortable, if you're just Grappling.

Great if the purpose is just to grapple. As far as regular gym shorts, they have no pockets and aren't the most flattering. But hey they're probably some of the most comfortable shorts I've owned!

Best Rash Guards Around.

This is one of a few Crown Rash Guards I bought. There is only one thing to say: Crown makes the best rash guards around. Quality rash guards that fit right and look clean..What else you want for training? Also, solid customer service…this guy Anmar always responds to any questions and is super-helpful. This is where I get all my gear...No reason to go anywhere else.

Best Shorts.

Been needing some new gear for rolls, so I snagged a few pairs of Crown’s new shorts…They’re the best shorts I’ve ever bought for jiu-jitsu. Hands-down. No joke. The quality of the material is exceptional, and the cut and fit are perfect for me. Plus, I dig the clean, minimalist look. Can’t thank Crown enough for making another great product. No reason to get your gear anywhere else…I won’t.

Awesome gear

Awesome looking and great 😌

My favorite product!

[Hyper-Lite] Short Sleeve Rash Guard - V2.0 Blue

Great fit, comfortable

Minimalist Series Grappling Shorts

Love the feel

Great fit, comfortable, and durable for working out.. New favorite Grappling shorts

[Hyper-Lite] Long Sleeve Rash Guard - V2.0 Black


Awesome fit trough arms and torso

Super Rash Guard

This rash guard gave me super powers. I started training 6 months ago, and now I am consider a black belt because of this rash guard.

Warning: You can become a super hero.

[Hyper-Lite] Short Sleeve Rash Guard - V2.0 White


Love these rash guards! Great look, fits perfectly and keeps me cool when I’m grinding on the mats!


Awesome quality, the sleeves I think could be more tight and the torso more loose 🙏🏻

Great experience!

The shopping & order experience online was easy & informative. The timing of shipment fast. The quality of product best in class. Will defiantly buy my next rash guards there.


Super quality, but tight in the torso and loose in the arms

Another solid rashguard!

I'm very satisfied with the V2.0. rashguard! I recently earned my blue belt, so its felt nice to finally be able to wear it with pride. Looks good and most importantly, it fits perfectly!